Discuss how the attractive attributes of products and ideas can be communicated for various target markets?

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    think of item to sell. Say a pair of sunglasses. Young kids you can have a product placement on a tv show or sell it to the parents as a thing to ame your kid safe while protecting their eyes. To teens, show stars wearing them and place them on trendy shelves at stores. Have a star tweet about how it is their go to accessory. For young adults, show it as inexpensive but works well. have a youtube or twitter star wear it too. For middle-aged persons, have a star wear them or make sure a hollywood person wear them out and about. Place them in the front window of a store or in the locked area of an alcohol or cigarette display case. For older people, show the sunglasses work. Show people wearing them driving or play golf or just walking.

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