Preschool toddler cries and clinging?

my toddler started preschool in Feb 18 when he was 2 and we started 2 days and his last day after the pandemic was March 19 when the school got toddler was there for 5 weeks and was crying and clinging onto me not wanting me to leave to the point where he remembered the route to his school he starts to cry in the car i didn't know why because I'm always at work...anyway after the school got closed I was going to talk to the director but decided not to..just didn't want to cause more problems and possibly on my child..there were few things I didn't like about like his morning teacher would never say good morning or a hi to Noah when he comes in the classroom and one time I dropped noah off I saw a boy standing by himself while other kids were far away from him in the corner playing blocks and two teachers were just by the door chit chatting for 15 mins while my son was crying and holding onto me..anyway decided after his school got closed to look for new school and my son 1st day did not cry at all and 3rd day he was so happy in a joy jumping and went straight in the school like a boss without me! Do you think something happened with his last school?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    He may have just grown out of it, many kids are like that and scream and cry even if the staff is nice, there is no way to know really.  

  • 1 month ago

    It's possible, some children handle some schools better than others and judging from the details, the previous school didn't seem nice anyways.

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