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Are commercial flights safer than presidential flights?

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    How woud you compare the two?

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    Good cargo transportation from

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    Depends on the Airline.

    US Presidents have had a good record so far.

    Presidents and other leaders around the globe are not as lucky.

    Lech Kaczyński, the fourth President of the Republic of Poland, died on 10 April 2010, after a Polish Air Force Tu-154 crashed outside of Smolensk, Russia, killing all 96 aboard. His wife, economist and First Lady Maria Kaczyńska, was also among those killed.

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    No chance that they are. Even if commercial planes were kept up as well as Airforce 1, which they are not the pilots in the Presidents plane are the best.

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    2 months ago

    Comparable, but it is a trade off.

    On the one hand, the VC-25A do not fly as often as a commercial airliner would, while the pilots are on stand-by. A commercial route would go to the same places, while Air Force One goes everywhere, meaning that the pilots are not as familiar with each airports and a jetliner crew would.

    Also, the VC-25A have an in flight refueling capability, something that the crew evidently has to train for. And while they train for this, they do not train for something else.

    On the other hand, the service probably has the luxury of picking the best pilot around.

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    2 months ago

    It does not matter its all the same

  • 2 months ago

    The overall sum of risks to both is about the same: incredibly low and even safer than walking.

    Sure, Presidential flights generally have even better maintenance than commercial flights, they fly with an even wider area of clear airspace and have security staff closely protecting them whilst on the ground. But all of that is necessary because those flights are at far greater risk to begin with of being targeted for attack.  

    You might be able to obtain facts to show that Presidential flights are at an overall lower risk than commercial flights. But in terms of real world risk you’re comparing something which is very exceptionally unlikely to happen with something else which is by any sensible measure also very exceptionally unlikely to happen.

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