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Are we heading for another lockdown due to morons having illegal street parties and spending Covid-19 ?

As it's Brixton most will be blacks so doesn't that undermine the BLM movement by putting their families at risk, not to mention police casualties by these violent thugs?

BBC News - Police injured during illegal Brixton street party clashes



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    We're still in lockdown whether people ignore it or not.  People who want to have street parties have been warned of the consequences.  Let them rave, catch covid-19 and increase the herd immunity.  Some will die, but then some will die from stabbing. 

    At the moment, the infection rate is down because it's summer.  Everyone gets fewer colds and flu is the summer.  It will pick up again in the autumn thanks to pubs and shops reopening and we'll probably get locked down for Christmas.  Unless of course just one of Boris's lies turns out to be true.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Illegal party goers are sheep who think that Covid 19 is fake news and that it won't infect them or their families because there's some magical ingredient in drugs which enables them alone to know what's true or false. Problem areas will end up under night curfew and those who don't go to 'raves' and 'demonstrations' are going to be so mad with those who do. 

  • gerald
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    3 months ago

    Open the coffee shop Di thats the way to do it they can buy covid off you , coffee and covid at Diannes old folk welcome 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Yes headmistress 💩🖕

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    3 months ago

    Discipline in abiding by the rules was seriously undermined by Dominic Cummings breaching and bending them to visit his parents and a tourist attraction (he and his wife claiming they had been in lockdown in London until he was rumbled) and by Boris Johnson condoning his behaviour.

    It isn't just black people who are selfish morons ignoring the rules. There have been numerous illegal 'raves' around the country and people are regularly renting Airbnb properties for parties.

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