I have a question about something interesting i noticed on The Titan Games.?

On the last 3 episodes of The Titan Games i have noticed that whenever the women pull the ball and chain, you can see that there is no tension in the chains at all which make no sense to me. The chains are limp and loose. Im just trying to understand how can there bee no tension in the chain when dragging the ball weighing 200 lbs. I initially thought maybe ther was a middle chain inbetween but i cant see it. I dont notice this with the men and this didnt happen with the men or women last season.

1 Answer

  • Erik
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I don't watch the show, but I can almost guarantee you the ball did not weight 200 pounds.  Think of how annoying that would be, anytime someone had to move it, either a few feet or to another location.  There's a really good chance it weighed a small fraction of that, or it wasn't even metal.  Maybe when they're pulling it, someone else off camera pushing it along.

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