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What Camera can i get for my car that runs 24 hours?

So about two weeks ago my sister moved to a new house in a cul-de-sac (Hopefully I spelled this right). We did have a Uhaul and some cars that did come and help with the move. I parked my car on the side of the street between 2 houses since we did have the other vehicles in the driveway. I was not blocking anything...side note my car is small.

Later that day once we return the Uhaul and got back to the house I went ahead and moved my car to the driveway and when I was getting off my Uncle ask me what I put on my car and of course I thought he was playing and just laughed and sure enough. A RED slimy thin lines was all over the hood on my car. It looked like decorating gel icing...that's what I think it was. Came off pretty easy but still no one needs to be that rude. I was so pissed!!! For 1 I didn't notice it when I moved my car and 2 MY CAR! It was fresh because I know it was not on my car when I got back from the Uhaul place because when we got back we passed my car and we did not see car is white so it would of been noticeable passing it(I will post a photo). Where I parked there was a woman who was cutting her tree, literally in her work clothes still, didn't think nothing of it. I walked to where my car was park and she was still out there just watching us. So I asked her if she saw anything and she responded with an ugly tone saying 'I just got home' and I just looked at her crazy and then walked back to my car and she went inside.

Rest in the comments.

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    That looks like "Silly String" on the hood of your car. Kids in the neighborhood were playing with that stuff, and it accidently got on the hood of your car. It washes right off with a water hose, and it won't damage the paint on your car. Kids play "war" with Silly String, and even spray it on friends they're playing with.

    Why did you think the neighborhood woman who you saw outside cutting her trees, deserved to be looked like as if she was crazy, and why do you think she responded in an ugly tone You asked her if she saw anything, and she responded "I just got home". There was your answer. What more did she need to say?

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    1. Did you introduce yourself to her?  If you didn't, it appears like the neighborhood is filled with rude people

    2.  I would surmise it's silly string or something along that line.

    3.   So seeing how my sister driveway is not that big i know we will have to park close to her house

    = REALLY???? YOU don't have to park near her house.  Choose any of the other houses on the street to park in front of and walk a FULL extra house. 

  • Pearl
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    i would ask someone at a car place about it

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    The rest of why I am now looking for a camera. 

    My sister knows the people who had the new house before and she told them what happen. Then stuff about that lady I spoke with came out...she does not like anyone parking to close to her house. Why? We don't know but we found out she yelled at an older man who parked close to her house and she apparently give all the neighbors in the cul-de-sac problems. So seeing how my sister driveway is not that big i know we will have to park close to her house and I just want security for my car. Mainly because I do not want anything bad happening to my car. I, just like everyone else, works hard for my stuff.

    So if you know any brand that works good for what I need please let me know.

    Thank you so much.

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