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DNA Test ?

My biological father refuses to take a paternity test to prove he’s my father. Is there a way I can test another family member to see if I’m related to him? Is so will the test tell me how they are related to me? 

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    Private eye and watch every move --he  will eventually drink or eat out in public   

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    You cannot test someone else to see if you are related to your biological father.  You can test someone else to see if you are related to that person, but that still leaves the problem of proving that he is related to that person.  For example, if a DNA test proved that his brother was your uncle, that would be interesting, but it wouldn't prove he was your father, since you wouldn't have proof that he was your uncle's brother, and since your uncle could have more than one brother.

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    What would be the point? It would not be accepted in a court of law. What are you hoping to accomplish?

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    Yes. Your DNA can be compared to that of his parents and siblings. If you don't share any chromosomes with them, chances are he is not your biological father.

    If you share about 11 or 12 with each of them (not necessarily the same ones), he probably IS your biological father.

    Depending on your jurisdiction, there may be judicial ways to force him to give his DNA.

    NB if your mother was married when you were born, her husband is your legal father and the spermdonor has no rights to you whatsoever

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    Yes. To be more accurate, you can use both his parents (your paternal grandparents) to prove paternity. If only 1 is available, it’s still possible to prove he’s the father but it’s not as accurate and it can be inconclusive. 

    Don’t you watch Maury. Sometimes the father is dead so they use the grandparents to determine if the baby is their grandkid. 

    You don’t need his blood or saliva to establish paternity. You can use his hair especially if it contains the root. 

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