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Why do many F1 fans look down on Nascar?

2 Answers

  • 1) NASCAR's fan base does them no favours (see "confederate flag").

    2) The tracks are all the same.  Ovals.  Left turns.  

    3) The races go on forever.  F1 races don't last nearly as long.

    4) The engineering that goes into an F1 car is far more technical than your average NASCAR car.

    5) F1 tracks have require changes in elevation AND left and right turns! Often in succession!

    6) Went to the Canadian Grand Prix a couple times and met some great people. In terms of viewing it's much more interesting than watching 40 Yanks drive in a circle for hours on end.

  • That's mainly casual f1 fans. 

    Anyone who understands motorsport knows that the cliche of Nascar being  "turning left" is antiquated nonsense.

    What's funny is that many of the same people who call Nascar boring will Wax nostalgic for the Schumacher era and Ferrari's annual procession to the driver and constructors championships in the early 00s. 

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