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What is the life expectancy of a parrot?

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    They will probably outlive their owners.My friend has a parrot and he is concerned the parrot will still be alive when he dies.I don't think you can give a definite answer to this,but it is a high probability that a parrot will outlive its owner.

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    Budgie – 10 years.

    Lovebird – 15 years.

    Cockatiel – 20 years.

    Conure – 25 years.

    Senegal Parrot – 25 years.

    galahs - 40 years

    Amazon Parrot – 60 years.

    African Grey – 50 years.

    Macaw – 70 years.

    Cockatoo – 80 years.

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    Depends on the species.

    A budgerigag lives about 15 years.

    A cockateil lives about 30 years.

    A sulpher crested cockatoo lives about 100 years.

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    2 months ago

    put it this way. 50 years would be young for a parrot

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    It most certainly will depend on the species of parrot and how well the parrot is cared for to determine that factor.

    Diet And socialization Plays one of the largest roles in longevity of any parrot.

    Generally the larger the bird - the longer the life expectancy, though that is only a general rule of thumb.

    There are small, medium and large breeds of parrots. Small breeds such as a cockatiel may live 15-20 years on average, a medium breed such as a conure may live 20-30 Years on average and a large breed such as an African gray may live 40-60+ years.

    If Interacted and socialized daily With a consistent and healthy diet, it’s highly likely they will live up to to their higher life expectancy and possibly beyond their years. 

    Source(s): Veterinarian technician, Large parrot owner
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