how do i travel, live, work alone in abroad?

2 Answers

  • Ludwig
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    What country did you come from?  Which are the ones that speak your language?

  • 1 month ago

    To travel, you need tourist visa & money sufficient for all typical tourist expenses. 

    To live in a foreign country, you need a suitable visa allowing you to remain there for the duration of your intended stay. Temporary visas will not necessarily allow you to work. Immigrants must, of course, meet extensive requirements.

    To work, you must have qualifications in an occupation in short supply in that country, be fluent in that country's language, and get hired by a qualified or authorized employer. IF you are the one hired (expect typically 100-1000 applicants for any position anywhere which offers prospects of temporary employment visa), the employer must apply for your visa, and you will be interviewed in your country of citizenship. IF approved for & receive the visa, you can then enter that country & work for that employer. You must return home immediately upon completion or termination of your full-time job with that employer,  and no later than expiration date of your visa if you keep your job that long.

    So what are your qualifications for whatever you aim to do?

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