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What are some of the most competitive House or Senate races where a contribution could really make a difference?

Where I live, all hope is lost of getting a member of my party elected,

But I'm sure there are some other races where a campaign contribution could help my party to regain or keep control of the House or Senate.

What would those races be?

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    It's too early to tell.  Many states still have to hold their primaries and who wins could make a difference.  Additionally, what seats are actually close will depend on how things change between now and November.  

    For example, in Kansas, there is a very competitive Republican primary with candidates ranging from conservative to very conservative to so far right that you can't see it from here.  Given that Kansas is somewhere between moderately conservative and conservative, the conservative candidate would likely win in a cakewalk.  The so for right candidate would potentially make Kansas too close to call.  

    And, as noted before, a lot depends on how things change between now and November.  Currently, Colorado and Arizona look likely to swing to the Democrats and Michigan looks relatively safe.  Maine, North Carolina, Georgia, and Iowa look likely to be competitive.  Alabama looks likely to swing to the Republicans and Kentucky is probably safe.  But by November, those leaning Democratic states could be competitive or the leaning Republican states could be competitive.

    As far as House seats, incumbents have an advantage, but I would still look at seats that went with the other party's candidate for President in 2016.  Given the dwindling number of ticket splitters, those are the ones most likely to change.  

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