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Is 62 days enough to lose a noticeable amount of weight ?

I’m 5’4”, female, and weigh 130.

In 62 days school starts. 

I want to be 120 by then, and I want it to be visible weight loss. 

Is this possible with eating only high nutritious foods, no process foods, and moderate exercise ?

The thing that sucks is I can’t exercise intensely or run more than a mile because of a long lasting back injury. 

I can go for about 4 mile long walks every day though. 

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    Yes. Weight loss and maintenance is 80% diet. A reasonable weight loss goal is 1-2 pounds per week.  If you have 8 weeks (56 days) and you lose 1.5 pounds a week on average, you will reach your goal.

    The reality is that 10 pounds may not make a huge difference in how you look.  It is about one clothing size. You may drop a clothing size or your tight close may be looser.  You may be able to measure a difference.Please, please, please, ask your parents to have you meet with a physical therapist to set up an exercise program that will help you safely develop your muscles.  The biggest visual difference will be if you tone your muscles.  There are lots of home workout videos for push ups, squats, dips, etc. the are basically no impact.  You just need to know what is safe for you. You need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight.  Eating "healthy" isn't enough if you still consume more calories that you use.  I'd suggest you aim for between 1200 and 1300 calories a day.  Use a free app like Lose It! to track your foods and calories.  

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    Hey Sarah. I was just going through your question and wanted to share this with you.

    I got massive after giving birth to my baby boy. He is love... I used to feel uncomfortable while moving, sitting & walking. I tried to lose my weight by doing some home gym stuff, used fitness apps, but that didn't help me a lot

    So I decided to go to the gym and hire a professional trainer. I started CrossFit training and my trainer suggested to me a nutritionist. The diet and the exercise are two parallel things, we should follow for gaining & losing weight. And believe me, I lost almost 10 lbs. I was literally surprised. 

    Afterward, my trainer told me to get some quality clothing stuff to look best in my shape & he suggested a website, I just randomly opened that website those guys were doing quite well. Their stuff helped me a lot in buying the best clothing for my CrossFit training. I bought two women CrossFit shorts after reading reviews from that website.

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    Agree with your suggestions.

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    try the ketogenic diet.  You'll lose fat.  

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    You can easily lose 10 lbs in 60 days.

  • kelvin
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    3 months ago

    you seriously need therapy if you believe you need too lose any weight

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