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Serious question about paranormal activity caught on camera? ?

I have an old video from five years ago. I didn't realize that it never got deleted, and I've only shown a few people. It's a shot of me doing some exercise, but there's a creepy voice that can clearly be heard on the camera. 

What should I do with it? Who can I show it to other than friends and family? 

Update 2:

4 years ago, sorry. It was 2016

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  • Tom
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    2 months ago
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    When dealing with "paranormal" voices we have to be able to eliminate any known prosaic causes----ranging from un noticed background sounds of people present, operating Televisions or radios in another room, stray radio signals in the recording equipment and finally, Pareidolia, the tendency of the brain to make up "sounds and words" from random noises.----If any of these cannot be eliminated as a possible source of the sounds, then we MUST attribute any sounds to which cannot be eliminated----As anything possibly unknown or even "Paranormal" are the LAST things that should ever  (if at all ) considered.

    I prefer deliberate experiments with so called "Ghost Boxes" as we would 1) take measures to eliminate the interference of local background noises. Turn off the radios, have anybody there keep quiet, etc.   2) the Ghost boxes work by jumping from station to station thus eliminating the possibility of stray radio signals that make any sense, as they would be "chopped up" by the jumping. 3)Thus we have a pure series of random sounds in vocal waveforms and ranges, that any "forces" might be able to manipulate.------Finally, we have only the problem of Pareidolia to contend with. Are the "voice" real" or generated by the mind?----I find that we can use the "Five syllable rule" to determine that.  Pareidolia works best with only one to three words or syllables we would imagine we "hear".  To be sure of "real" or "Paranormal quality" SPEACH----never accept a phrase of less than FIVE syllables.  The odds of a random sound of one word or syllable being fake are about 1 in three. The negative odds go up considerably with each following syllable that makes sense in  sequence.   But after FIVE syllables or so, If they ALL make sense, they most likely are a "real Communication".-----Those of us who work with such voices know they are legit, but we STILL do not know where they come from though.---Although less Scientific people might attribute them to "ghosts" or "Spirits"-------I tend to speculate they are radio signals possibly from the "future"---As future people experimenting with sending electronic messages back into time would be familiar with the frequency Jumping nature of the Ghost box---and design their signals to make sense when recieved on such a device. 

    AS far as this Video is concerned, I cannot tell if proper precautions were taken in this event to limit other sources of sounds---AND it does not pass the Five Syllable rule, so I would write it off as not being significant.

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    That was a definite voice and seemed to be female. It was whispered because someone or something didn't want you or your device to hear her/it. It may have been talking to something else. In this case, I would first try a metal detector on the area below you where you sat. There may be some actual object buried that the voice was referring to. Possibly you could try digging there. You need to try leaving a recorder running and some target objects lying around. Religious objects tend to attract paranormal. If you put a cross on a piece of paper and draw around it, you will see if it has been moved. We don't actually know what an EVP is. If there is "nothing" below you, that may help us work in a different direction. as the voices may be some kind of recording of a past event rather than a voice speaking with meaning at that moment. I don't know where you are but try this. If you are in England, we also have our own. The American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) is the oldest psychical research organization in the United States dedicated to parapsychology. Here is the number for the  American branch 212-799-5050 Very interesting.

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    Maybe you should go there again and not lift weights but just run a voice recorder and ask if there are any spirits or anything present and see if you get any replies. you might not hear them at the time but could be on the tape. That's what the people on those ghost hunting shows do and they are called EVPs. 

  • Dr. NG
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    2 months ago

    I watched the video and think it's the bench sound made when you sat down. It doesn't sound like a voice to me. I'd like to have seen you stand back up and sit down again, but you didn't hear it at the time so you wouldn't have thought to. Update the video link into your question a lot of folks will miss it in the comments.

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  • I've listened to it several times and I have to admit it does sound like a woman whispering "below him" although I wouldn't say that it is all at creepy. The thing is that you have about a second and a half of unexplained sound, it's probably something random and insignificant  that the recorder happened to pick up and after all these years and it being so brief there is no way that you are going to identify it now.

    I think the whispering woman's voice was really something as mundane as gust of wind but because the sample of sound is so small it really gives you nothing to be able to identify it for sure. 

    And are you sure that this isn't just a ploy to make us watch you lift some weights ;)  

  • Jon
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    2 months ago

    What is the voice saying? 

    What is 'creepy' about it?

    What makes you think this is paranormal rather than the camera's mike picking up someone talking nearby?

    Were you playing music or listening to a radio while exercising? 

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Chuck it up on youtube, it.might go viral. Just be prepared for a bunch of morons saying it's fake without making the slightest attempt to come up with a rational explanation. Beyond that, theres not like a paranormal archive for aubmitting inexplained phenomena

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