If aversion therapy and orgasmic reoreiantation doesn't work why is it still used on people in the US?

If it doesn't work to train unwanted sexual thoughts away why is it being used at all?

Why is it listed in the treatment of pedophilia and fetishes,using it if it didn't work would be like useing a sugar pill so why use it at all?


This question goes here because i am asking the lgb community to explain why it is used when they"say" it doesn't work.

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    4 months ago
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    As a fellow gay man i can assure you that it is illegal to use those treatments to treat,sexuality,sexual disorders and sexual behavior deemed wrong.

    Aversion therapy and shock aversion therapy are ILLEGAL to use on pedophilia so if a pedo tells you it is being used tell them to get a lawyer.

    It's not just illegal because it doesn't work it damages the brain.

    Reoreiantation therapy is flat out psychological torture,as its main goal is to use the fear of negative outcomes to motivate masterbation habits,this can and does lead to suicide

    These treatments don't"make sexual thoughts go away"

    They punish you for having them.

    You want to remove all sexual thoughts because they're interfereing with you ability to live your life?

    If so then seek medical help as you're discribing a disorder.

  • 4 months ago

    Other question got removed before someone could explain to me why i as a gay man am being denied the right to treat my unwanted sex thought the same way pedophiles do.

    The only answer it doesn't work so i ask this because it is not possible for it to still be being used if it "doesn't work"

    They're saying trained REAL doctors are useing disproven therapy techniques on pedophiles?

    This would be illegal wouldn't it?

    Malpractice yes?

    Then if used it works and law violteing my right by forceing me to keep unwanted desire,it is harmful to me as long as i have it i will keep trying to remove it because I DON'T WANT ANY SEX THOUGHT 

    Lgbt homophobias. Wish to force values i rather die then keep thoughts.

    They burden they interfere with life they make want carve brain

    They wrong not normal because of what they do.

    Lgbt answer question why you claim the treatment STILL used on other attractions no work?

    If no work then doctors denying pedos real medical treatment and making them a danger to others by fake treating .

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