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What city would be great to live in for dream career and for fun things to do like social life Los Angeles or New York City ?

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    Depends on your definition of a dream career.  If your dream is to be a movie star, I'd suggest LA is better.  If your dream is to be a broadway actor than NYC would be better.

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    Both are great cities with much to offer, though completely different in character. Both are expensive. What career did you have in mind? Both cities have negative aspects,  as well. I lived in L.A.most of my life. No longer, though.You have to be willing to drive everywhere, long distances, fight traffic,put up with crowds, smog, and crime. But hey, there are lots of great things about L.A., as well. As for NYC? Its accepted as one of the major cultural and financial hubs of the world. Expensive, yes; crowded, yes.  Constant exposure to any and everyone, good or bad.   I would suggest that you go to both places and try to stay awhile, to get a proper feel for them. Weather plays a big part, always sunny in southern Calif., but sometimes too hot, unless you like it that way.  As for NYC? Are you prepared for hot and humid temps in the summer, and lots of cold in the winter? I'd give myself a year in each place, in order to really get to know such things. Good luck, 

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    Well.....what is your idea of a dream career and fun things to do?

  • New York gave way to socialism more than 50 years ago so LOs Angeles. Even better cities would be Dallas, Houston, Fort LAuderdale or Nashville.

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    Depends on what this "dream career" is. Different cities somewhat specialize in different industries. You'll find some of most things in both L.A. and NYC. But it's incumbent on you to do the research to make sure your occupational expertise matches the job market of the city you're moving to. 

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    Los Angeles, CA

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    First, get an education and work experience that will get you hired for a 6-gigure job.  Then LAND that job - there will be a ton of competition. Then you can decide where to live.

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    Voglio comprare un canguro

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