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What does "screaming" mean here?

Here is a fragment from an irreverent article, where I am not sure what exactly is meant by screaming:

`We hope God has a sense of humor," declares the program to "The Madonna In Spite of Herself," Corn Production's new late-night musical Nativity spoof, "or else we're in a lot of trouble."

No kidding. Given that this fringe Chicago troupe translates (the Virgin) Mary into a big-haired, gum-chomping resident of Berwyn, Joseph (a.k.a. Joey) into a genial sexual predator, and the Angel Gabriel (amusingly played by Maurice Doggan) into a screaming vamp in a hot outfit, the youthful satirists at Corn Productions had better hope for some Christian forgiveness and seasonal goodwill. Otherwise, they'll have a lot more to worry about than lumps of coal in their collective stockings."

Does it mean someone who screams a lot or does it have another meaning here?

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    I suspect there is both a literal meaning (extremely loud in speech and exclamations) and a somewhat idiomatic idea of screaming as similar to flaming, in a sense of outlandish and brazen dress and behavior.  Over the top, in a way, perhaps.  This second idea is suggested by the idea of a "vamp in a hot outfit".  It is not obvious whether the writer intends one, or the other, idea, or a bit of both (probably both, a bit of a tongue-in-cheek play on words).

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    In this context, screaming means one who screams. The impact of screaming is it makes it impossible to ignore the person. The reason someone screams, however, is not clear. It could be to gain attention, to disturb others or something else.

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    It doesn't have another meaning. Apparently the character named delivers his lines as someone that does most of it by screaming.

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