Can a router have a problem that changes its own password ?

My iPhone 11 knocked itself off wifi after an update, this tvfinds my network automatically but doesn’t connect  like it used to because it’s saying invalid password, I know for a fact its the correct password its even on a sticker on the router but every time I enter it in my phone it says invalid password I never had a problem before I never changed anything on my router so its either the router or the phone Any tips anyone? Please help

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  • Goerge
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    4 months ago
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    There can be power outages/surges, firmware or other technical issues that could return its USER created password back to its default password. You however didn't change anything...

    Let's stop right there and offer a public service announcement for others that might see this question. Please don't ever leave your router's default password unchanged because it's really simple to access your router when the user doesn't change the password. It's exactly like changing your password to password1234. It's a MAJOR security risk. Search for router default passwords and you can see yours.

    Have you deleted all of your saved network connections that access that router? Tell your phone to forget those connections and create new ones. And change your password.

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