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Is this common in performing arts courses?

Putting people down. High jealousy. Manipulation. Arrogance. Insecurity. Cheating. Strange behaviour and talent.

I studied this course for years and no lie but Everyone was like this. 

Even after college they haven’t changed and wouldn’t want me to think clearly and behave dumb and not have respect for anyone and play games and all sorts.

Evil people. 

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    It’s true that in performing arts, a lot of people compare themselves to others and put other’s talent down. They are obviously doing that because they are insecure in their ability to perform themselves in whatever art they are doing. But then again, there are also many people that are down to earth and secure in themselves and will never judge anyone. There’s a broad spectrum of people in the world of performing arts, and if in your school most people were toxic, I still recommend continuing in life and follow your passion because you will certainly meet at least some good people along the way

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    No it shouldn't be normal.

    But nowadays it may have changed.

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