Are macbooks ACTUALLY good for college?

Hi there,

So I am a long-time window user and have never had an apple laptop (but I do have an iPhone).

I have been looking at a Macbook Pro as my new laptop for Junior year of college but I feel like I get mixed results on these products? I hear that they overheat and can be difficult to use in class since they are different from windows. I also hear that apple products always end up getting broken or stop working. 

Can I get some opinions on this? The reason I want the pro is because I heard the air is only good for basic things like school-work and watching netflix. I want to be able to edit videos and such.

Should I stick with my HP windows laptop from Freshman year or should I go ahead and buy a macbook?

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  • 7 months ago

    Depends on what course you are doing, if its just wriniting essays etc they are fine, if you are doing something involving piratical  programming or graphics etc it depends on what software you need.

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    7 months ago

    What do you expect your computer to do in college?  If what you're used to fits the bill carry on with that, It's pointless learning a new system unless you have to.

    And always, but always, keep backup copies of your important files on a medium outside of the laptop.

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