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Can anyone help me with my ultimate gamer PC build?

I want to build the ultimate monster PC for gaming, I have $12,000 so I I need the best parts for building the ultimate monster PC for gaming.

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    Welllllll........ I'd hate to tell you this but once you go past a Core i9-10900k, 16gb of High Speed RAM that clocked at 3866mhz or higher, and a single RTX 2080ti, you're not going to get better gaming performance. Sure, you could add a 2nd RTX 2080ti but SLI doesn't work that well and it doesn't work with every game. With the high speed memory, you'd have to tweak and tune it to get it to run right.

    To be fair, the RTX Titan is 20% faster than the RTX 2080ti at gaming........ but the RTX Titan is $2500. To make matters worse, Nvidia is going to release their RTX 3080ti here in a few months. 

    Sure, you could pick an expensive CPU like the Core i9-10980xe, Threadripper 3000, or Ryzen 9 3950x, but these rely on their massive core counts and their single threaded performance is actually behind the 9900k and 10900k. 

    So the Best of the Gaming Beast Best would have 

    Core i9-10900k

    Asus Maximus XII motherboard

    16gb of DDR4-3866 or higher RAM

    RTX Titan

    4k 144hz monitor, which is too much for the RTX 2080ti and RTX Titan

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    There is going to be new hardware out soon so i would definitely wait for that.

    Also if you got the money a Desk-case would be pretty insane (Photo below)

    You could also get a Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor 49" 240hz 1440p; however i don't think you can get one YET but if you want a crazy monitor. . .

    I would wait untill 2021 there is a lot of new hardware coming out and the pandemic is also impacting the availability of a lot of things, i had to wait months before i could get an oculas rift s because of it.


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