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Is sex pleasurable for frogs?

Or is it pure instinct? 

I know for most mammals and reptiles it is. But typically isn't for fish. And not sure about amphibians. 

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    We cannot read the minds of frogs and salamanders and we do not know if they can feel pleasure or not. Humans feel pleasure when we have sex, when we bond with other people, and when mothers take care of their babies, because when people do these things, large amounts of oxytocin is released into the brain. Reptiles and birds do not have the chemical oxytocin, and oxytocin is not only released during sex. It is also released during childbirth to aid the birthing process, and childbirth can be painful. It appears that evolution turned a chemical that is used for other bodily functions into one that also gives us pleasure when we do certain things, in order to encourage us to do these things that are beneficial for our survival and/or reproduction.

    Reptiles and birds have a similar chemical vasotocin. Vasotocin is the chemical precursor to oxytocin, meaning oxytocin evolved by modifying vasotocin chemically. Fish and amphibians also have vasotocin. Therefore if birds and reptiles can experience pleasure because of vasotocin, then it is possible that fish and amphibians may also be able to experience pleasure as well. For the time being, there are some studies that show that fish and birds may change their social behavior if vasotocin is released into the brain. Sometimes these animals become more aggressive or territorial when then happens. Sometimes they become less aggressive or less territorial. As is often the case, more research is needed.

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    There are very few species that have sex for pleasure, and I think besides one species of bird (I could be wrong), the rest are mammals. Dolphins, pigs, and some monkeys and apes. The end. Frogs are freaky in their own right, though. Many species can change sex at will, depending on who's around. So if one year, too many females hatched, a female will change to male in order to procreate and vice versa. Snails can do it, too. It's how they've evolved to survive. 

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    I'd suggest that 99.9% of the time for animals, mating is pure instinct. 

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