Madden 20 tips ?

Okay here's the issue I decided to reinstall Madden 20 and I'm playing on pro level on franchise mode The problem is I'm throwing way too many interceptions I'm playing as the 49ers (just decided to pick them because I miss Jimmy Garoppolo playing for the pats.) Anyways my record is 5-1. But right now Jimmy g has six touchdowns and eight interceptions. How can I throw less interceptions. It see?s at least once or every other game I atleast throw one interception and it's starting to annoy me. How can I get better at passing. 

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  • 5 months ago

    I haven't played Madden since...Madden 06 I think?  I heard the franchise really fell apart.

    Anyway, my trick for pinball numbers at the time was that I would find just two or three plays with a good diversity of options such that no matter what the defense did, I'd have a wide open option.  And then I got crazy good at those small number of plays.  Rather than trying to master the whole playbook.

    My favorite was that there was this pick play with the X running a hard slant, the slot running sort of a lazy out route where the timing of it with the speed of my WRs created a natural pick element on once side that absolutely CRUSHED man coverage.

    On the other side the TE and the Z receiver were running effectively a hi-lo that killed zone elements.  And of course, Madden players don't hide their coverage well, so I knew pre-snap which side to go to.  if the corner was head up on my guy, I knew it was man.  Else it was zone.

    It was like my favorite play because it was super safe AND I could get at least a first down, and often a long gain every play without fail.

    Anyway, my point is, get REALLY familiar with one or two plays.

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