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Will Manchester United be realistic title challengers in 2020-21 ?

as 2019-20 comes to a close, one asks - what of Manchester United ?

do they wish to remain on vacation and be content with fighting for top 4 spots in years to come ?

will MUFC fans accept this ?

2012-13 was their last title triumph

7 years and counting..

Is one Giant about to swap places and go to BED while the other WAKES UP ?

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    Doubt it.  Ole has done okay but I can't see him taking charge of a side that can actually win trophies. It might be hard to let Ole go in the middle of his project but a more experienced manager can do more with this squad and use the work Ole has done and take United to the next level. Ole has seen some great results especially against man city, seems to have all the players on side but I don't know we haven't seem any signs that he is the man to bring the glory days back to United. He will be the first United manager not to win anything since Fergie (okay Moyes needed to win a glorified pre season game against wigan) and I don't see that changing either. I hope I'm wrong because I like what he is building he's bringing in the right characters he took a risk with the Lukaku sale but Greenwood has stepped in and done really well, Rashford was having a great season, Martial the usual hit and miss but a dangerous player and Ighalo was loaned it because of injuries and he has done what was required of him so far. Bruno is a huge signing seems to have had a great attitude his whole career. Intelligent player, very talented and a great leader maybe Ole doesn't need to be like other managers because he seems to be looking to build a team that can motivate themselves if you get what I mean he seems to be looking for certain players who know what they're good at and if you have a team of the right players then maybe it doesn't even matter who is boss as long as he gives his players the love and care and advice they need I don't know. There is potential there but I don't expect United to challenge. It could be an easy City win especially if Pep stays when you take the fact City won't be playing in Europe into consideration

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    Oh dear,two giants shagging each other in bed. True MU won it in 2013 but is it 30 years since Liverpool hit the jackpot ?

    You need to consult the Premiership Guru KC for that one (one asks ha ha, ffs)

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    gawd help me mate you do say some funny things 

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