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Is the Trump administration the shadiest motley crew to ever hold those positions?


Has the Trump administration been the shadiest...

Update 2:

@Guardian..  lol, whaaat?  the skinny? lol

Update 3:

@debra.. yes to some extent, but Trump has seemed to take it to a whole new level that we are aware of.  Maybe past administrations got by with much of their antics because there was much less dissemination by media.  

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    As a 75-year-old service-incurred disabled veteran and former labor advocate after the firing of PATCO in 1988, I can honestly say a definite YES! to your question and then back up that YES with details, some of which can be found in books such as "The Making of Donald Trump" (2016) by Pulitzer Prize winning David Cay Johnston, highlighting life-long organized crime connections that include a business partner named Felix Sater.  So what, you ask?  Felix Sater is the Russian-born son of a U.S. active Russian mob boss, and was caught in 1991 by the FBI in New York attempting to set up a $40 million stock fraud scheme designed to help LA COSA NOSTRA (Russian MAFIA) make new inroads into Wall Street.  To stay out of prison in 1991, Sater turned occasional FBI "informant", but this did not stop the Russian crime boss's son from helping to launder many millions of dollars stolen from the Russian Treasury (with Putin's knowledge and consent, turns out) through "high-end real estate deals"---including multiple Trump properties jointly built by Sater's BAYROCK GROUP real estate development agency housed at Trump Tower and the Trump Foundation busy hiding its financial records from Congress and the District Courts, as well as from we, the people.  Trump SoHo in Upper Manhattan is one such property, which would have been exposed by the U.S. Attorney for New York Preet Bharara in his $40 million lawsuit against the Trump/Sater-used PREVEZON HOLDING company. PREVEZON is the Pytor Katsyv (Russian) owned company that sparked our Congress to pass the 2012 MAGNITSKY ACT due to the murder of investigator and whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky hired by American Bill Browder to track a stolen corporate identity and tax theft, in addition to the money-laundering. Once in the White House, Trump abruptly fired (without cause) Preet Bharara, then fired FBI Director James Comey for refusing to lay low on the investigation.  Two days before the DOJ case against PREVEZON was supposed to go to court, Trump ordered his then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to "settle" with the Kremlin Attorney representing Pytor Katsyv, son of Trump's Moscow contact and Putin's former Transportation Minister.  Attorney's name: NATALIA VESELNITSKAYA, lobbyist against the Magnitsky Act and also the woman with whom the Trump campaign met IN SECRET in 2016 at Trump Tower---breaking the law.  The "settlement" Trump ordered was only $6 million (not the $40M sought) and included a Trump-added clause that claimed Russia had "no liability".  "This is a victory for Russia," claimed Veselnitskaya. An interesting note: This rushed puny settlement (payoff to Putin) came two days before the court date that would have exposed the Trump SoHo and Sater/Trump corruption.

    And there's more!  Trump's "Roy Cohn" (mob lawyer) AG William Barr has multiple relatives working at the Justice Department: two sons-in-law Michael Daly with NS and Tyler McGaughey, formerly a U.S. Attorney for Virginia's Eastern District and husband of Barr's youngest daughter---and Barr's own daughter Mary Daly, heading up the Trump-created Opioid Intervention Network out of Rob Rosenstein's office, but now transferred by her AG daddy Barr over to the Treasury Department working under obstructionist Steve Mnuchin (just in time to help cover up financial crimes of Trump et al.) on the FINANCIAL CRIMES ENFORCEMENT NETWORK or FinCEN. The multiple past, present, and ongoing financial crimes of Trump, the Trump Foundation, and the Trump family are being investigated in multiple venues---so having a daughter strategically placed as Mary Daly this not corruption in action??  

    Malcolm Nance, 35-year CIA counterespionage expert, knows that Trump is what Russia calls KOMPROMAT, so I recommend you all read "The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West."  The domestic-terrorist Koch brother oil barons with their highly secretive right-wing KOCH DONOR NETWORK have contributed to and strongly support the ongoing Trump corruption: "DARK MONEY: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right" (2017) by Jane Mayer. And a Republican strategist Rick Wilson (2019) has written "Everything Trump Touches Dies" then started the Facebook LINCOLN PROJECT that exposes the appalling shadiness and incompetence of Trump, working with Kellyanne Conway's attorney husband George Conway.  I'm truly worried about our nation's underlying strengths and our Trump-damaged world leader status as a nation.  We, the people, need to get this ugly snake out of our White House!

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    No. The previous one takes some beating.

    OK, President Trump goes on and on about Fake News but Obama used to prosecute them for goodness sake! Is that to be preferred?

    <Obama Prosecuted More Journalists THAN ALL PRESIDENTS COMBINED>

    People working for Nixon tried to tap a telephone in the DNC but they got caught. Result: Watergate.

    Obama's team effectively tapped the phones of the entire trump transition team. Plus journalists they suspected. Plus judges. Plus members of Congress. Plus prominent business people. Along with the phone calls they logged emails, social media, nabk transactions etc. Result: Crickets!

    Obama sent guns to the drug cartels in Mexico via Operation Fast and Furious. Has Trump done anything that bad?

    Obama trained ISIL.

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    They sold 20% of US uranium production to their "worst enemy". Slip the haulier a few $$$ and that arrives in Russia.

    The Secretary of State published state secrets on the Internet. Agents in China died as a result.

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    Without a doubt.

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    Without question (at least in living memory).

    Between Trump himself & the swampiest creatures ever assembled for a cabinet it is a true rogue's gallery.

    Trump has not just crossed every line ever created (who even knew the word "emoluments" before him?) but broken many laws & shredded the Constitution. Total violation of his sworn oath to uphold the laws of the U.S.

    Many people were genuinely surprised when he held up the Bible at St. John's Episcopal that it did not burst into flames.

    His financial secretaries (Mnuchin & Ross) are Wall Street billionaires, his Education (DeVos) hates Public Education & is a billionaire, HUD (Carson) got the job not for his housing credentials but because he's black, Agriculture is the biggest chicken farmer in the world, & the list goes on & on (& Bill Barr, who has utterly destroyed even a pretense of legal impartiality at Justice).

    Trump has been a scofflaw in his career & personal life since he was a child. Those who knew what he was (not what he PRETENDED to on his TV show) knew his term would be this way.

    We can only pray, for the sake of Democracy that it's only 1 term. If he gets another, you ain't seen nothin' yet...

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    does it really matter who is in office?

    same garbage, all the time- 

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    🥴 You have no idea.

    CNN gives us the skinny.

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