How to pray 3 times a day facing Jerusalem is not part of Torah. But I want to do it. Living in secret Jewish family in Iran, how can I do?

It is in Tanakh like about Daniel. And even david facing Jerusalem. And Jacob Torah did pray 3 times.

There are multiple reasons for there being three daily prayer services but the usual explanation is that each one of the three was initiated by one of our patriarchs: Abraham (Genesis 22:3 -- "Abraham arose early in the morning"), Isaac (Genesis 24:63 -- "Isaac went out meditating in the field toward evening"), and Jacob (Genesis 28:11 "He came to that place and stopped there for the night").

In Torah, only morning and night shema is necessary (which I got now). Also, teffilin and kipa are necessary from Torah, but I have no teffilin or kippah or eve tallit.

These are necessary, but I have no access to them and so I don't do daily prayer at all. Any help? IT may be dangerous for me to pray like Jews in Iran. Should I not pray totally for the risk it has?


helpful comments plz

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  • Sean
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    5 months ago
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    The direction doesn't matter. The number of times you pray is not important. Waking up early isn't important. All of these acts that you read about in the Tanakh are about men who have a desire to know and reach out to God. They desire him. They want to understand him from their heart. This is who God wants you to be. It doesn't matter which place you pray in or how. What matters is the passion in your heart. This is what the Torah teaches, and it is coincidentally what Christians believe.

    Genesis 24:25, he prayed in his heart.

    King David countless times mentions his many prayers of the heart.

    Solomon asked for the ability to rule his people well, but God saw what was in his heart, that he really wanted wisdom.

    There are many more examples of this.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    All the world is a church, or by my understanding of the word, the universe is God, eternal energy, cannot be created or destroyed it only changes form. I think this chosen ones schtick is getting old. Real old. Like they had to throw out most of the commandments, because they were out of date. Out of style man. 

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