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Why do people say suicide is selfish?

They say suicide is selfish because of all the people who would be upset if I died but did they ever stop to consider my feelings? Isn't it more selfish to make someone stay alive and suffer just so you won't be upset?

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    🥴 Because you're leaving your parents/family with the funeral tab. 

    Who does that?

    I'd want to off you myself.

    Y'all just don't know how expensive shxt is. And funerals are a big fvckin' deal here. 

    When someone here, dies? Blood relatives from around the world, come to pay their respects out of their busy schedules and to contribute to paying off your funeral tab. 

    🥴 That's why no one here ever commits suicide. IT'S EXPENSIVE. 

    That and you are selfish. 🥴 It takes a toll on your relatives emotionally. 

    Me? I wouldn't care. Just so long as I don't have to contribute.

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    The true meaning of human life is.... Self Realization. Love /hate, Good/evil, happiness/sorrow, positive/ negative, virtue/sin, soul/ body, heaven /hell.. are the creations of God.... So, by pure faith in God we can understand our eternal nature... which relates to our soul as our soul is the Part and Parcel of.... Supreme Soul...."God" ... Actually, we are spiritual souls but we are in human body. We are from the spiritual world. God has sent us on the earth...only for self realization.. as our souls are not as pure as, they have to be... So, God has given us human life where our body feels happiness as well as suffers pain. Therefore, we souls are here... to achieve... the level of purity and to become pure soul.... we should make an effort to understand the deeper meaning of unconditional love for all living beings.... in every situation... 

    Moreover, the eternal nature of our soul is to Love God...

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    cause youre not thinking about the others that want you around

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