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Is Arabian black people consider Asian or African? ?

There's some Arabian black people in middle east like Saudia arabia and UAE etc. Does they consider Asian or African? 


some middle eastren countries like uae and saudi arabia are asian and my quistion is not wheater they're or not my quistion is black saudi people are Asian or African? 

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    well thats like saying are American blacks considered American or African... you are of the country you are a national of..... possibly all black humans on earth originated from AFrica,, but now in these days.. there are blacks in almost every country... there are black Arabs... and if they live in places like Saudiarabia. then they are Asian,, but if they live in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco etc.. they are african... but still arabs... so there are african nation arabs and asian nation arabs.... and.. European Arabs.. western Turkish people of arab decent... .. I live in Saudiarabia... its a diverse nation of many races.. from white skinned blue eyed blonde haired arabs, all the c olor spectrum of race up to the darkest black.... you see all here.. 

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    the porn industry likes to place them in the asian category..but i disagree.

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