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Turkish Airlines or Qatar Airways?

Which would you prefer and why?

I took Turkish Airlines in 2010 (I know its a long time ago) and the flights were ok (though not too different from Lufthansa). The part where they turned out to be crappy was when we were leaving Istanbul Ataturk and found out that we were actually deemed "No Show" to our second flight (first flight was Kansas City to Chicago, second flight was Chicago to Istanbul) for some reason even though we flew from Chicago O'Hare on over to Istanbul. As a result they had us pay for our tickets again back to Kansas City and when we returned we called them and they only gave us a partial refund.

On the other side, I took Qatar Airways in 2019 and they were exceptional. Doha Hamad Airport was amazing and the flight attendants and service was super professional. The planes were comfortable but the food was average. We even left the airport to explore Doha during our layover with the tour they had for only $20 per person.

Right now I'm thinking about travelling in the winter to Iran (obviously I don't want to in the summer because of COVID) to see family but some days Qatar is cheaper and some days Turkish is cheaper. I was wondering what you would go with and why?

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    I took Turkish Airlines in 2010

    The Airline policies and procedures of TEN YEARS ago are HISTORY and the way things were.

    Best answer receives 10 points. How generous of you. I do not need any points.

    So to summarize you want to fly from Kansas City to Iran at some unspecified time or date. You will decide which Airline you will use based on

    1) Menu selection

    2) Some mistake that was corrected TEN years ago.

    3) A tour while waiting to change planes.

    WHY just these two Airlines?

    There is more than one Airport to use in Iran shall I guess which is best for you? The way things are going with Covid 19 in the USA good idea to avoid a transfer in Europe.

    Maybe you should check out fares and schedules for a route from Kansas City to Iran with a change of plane in Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur.

    Up to you to decide if you want the express flight at a premium fare or take a longer cheaper route and see some other parts of the planet on your journey there and back.

    Tehran is not the only Airport to use.

     (obviously I don't want to in the summer because of COVID)

    How clever and you know better than the medical experts that travel will be good this winter AROUND THE WORLD and what Airlines and routes may still be in operation with a seat for you.

    Latest News from Iran is not so good for Covid situation

    Iran recorded 3754 cases of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Wednesday, June 3, the highest daily number of recorded cases since the pandemic began and the third consecutive day on which over 3000 cases have been confirmed. Iran's highest daily figure previously was 3186 on March 30, leading to fears that the country is on the verge of a second wave of the virus.

    Good Luck with your travel plns suggest you use the proper sanitation procedures for your flight and time in Iran.

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