Why doesn't my Chevy Colorado A/C work?

I have a 2006 Chevy Colorado and my A/C just stopped working suddenly. Literally, drove home from work one evening and it was working fine got in my truck the next morning and it was blowing warm air. No noticeable signs of it going bad or anything. My air may have gotten a little warmer or something but I didn't notice if it did.

The compressor isn't locked up. If I press the A/C button the compressor still engages and disengages my air just never gets cold. I put a can of refrigerant in it and the air started blowing cold but the next morning it was blowing warm air again. So, I just assumed I had a leak. I went and bought another can of refrigerant but my air never would get cold again.I'm not sure if the compressor went bad or if there is a leak or what. I know it's probably impossible to get an exact diagnosis without actually working on the vehicle but I'm trying to gauge whether it'll be a few hundred or a few thousand. I'm hoping maybe based on the description someone can give me some insight.

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