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Is It hard to renounce us citizenship?

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    Nope.  You exit the USA and make an appointment at a US Consulate for the renunciation ceremony.  You pay the fee, say the words, and you are no longer a US citizen. Realize it is also permanent.   

    Note you may get answers saying you won't be allowed to renounce your citizenship unless you already have anther nationality. That is not true.  The State Department WILL let you renounce your citizenship even if it means you will become stateless.   See D in the below link:

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    It's expensive; and you have to hold another citizenship first to avoid making yourself stateless. 

    It also means you can forget being allowed back into the US ever again; so be clear it's what you want.

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    It's not hard per se, but quite involved and costly. The latter point is pretty moot, however, as someone who renounces his or her US citizenship in most cases wants to save tens of thousands, perhaps millions in income taxes. Think Tina Turner. Only few Americans want to renounce their US citizenship because they want to naturalize in a country that doesn't allow multiple citizenship.

    The primary hurdle is that the person has to be a citizen of another country first, not by law, but by policy of the US Department of State. Then this person makes an appointment with the nearest US Consulate or Embassy in that country of citizenship or another country where they reside legally, and gets the process started.Here's an interesting write-up of somebody who has done it:

    Source(s): An immigrant from Europe, I live on the American Riviera and work as an attorney in Santa Barbara, California.
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    Eat your state id

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    In a way

    You can not renounce  until another country grants you citizenship , but once that hurdle is crossed its easy

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    Not hard at all.  Just say the word.

  • Anonymous
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    It is if you're rich.

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    Not for anyone with money.  Step one is to move to another country that will take the person as a citizen.

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