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More Americans have died from COVID-19 than died in World War I. WINNING?



@Justintard---the US has almost 120K deaths

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    It's worse than that, even.  Just over half our WW1 deaths were from THAT era's influenza pandemic, not combat.  We topped that double whammy, and it's not over yet.

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    More people have died of AIDs than World Wars I and II combined, (70 million). Are the gays and needle drug users 'winning?'

    That is WITH effective treatment cocktails. 

    The medical science 'experts' have told us that the 'best case scenario' for this initial wave of the new virus is 100,000-240,000 American deaths. Even with the Press openly inflaming racism, looting, and riots while supporting mass rallies spreading the virus among the hardest hit urban populations during its height, the Trump administration has still managed to keep us on that lowest tier of death ranges while reopening the economy using new 'rules' for social distancing, hygiene, etc...which most businesses and citizens are actually following. The only ones not complying seem to be liberals and their 'social justice warrior' followers and supporters, (big surprise). 

    I would call that 'winning,' yes. At least among law-abiding people of good conscience.

    To keep some perspective, one person dies every eight minutes from drug overdoses alone, (usually a 'young' person, same as in war), which has now surpassed the predictable yearly death toll from automobile accidents, (typically 40,000 per year).  

    Taken together and with the other major causes of early death in America every year, this new threat is being comparably 'well managed.' Trying to compare it to World War death totals, (or other unrelated events like 911), just because the totals have reached a manufactured Press 'milestone' is the idiotic brainchild of the same people stirring up needless chaos and despair. 

    It's just stupid and aimed at creating the appearance of administrative failure, (once again for political points). This is why Press reporters swear an oath NOT to create bias in their reporting for political purposes. I could do exactly the opposite and use the same totals to inspire Americans to rally behind their President, (which is what the Press should be doing). So why the hell do we need THEM exactly? If they aren't doing their job while being handsomely paid anyway, maybe we should just return to grassroots local Press and tell them to take a hike. The Press mentioned in our founding documents wasn't 'national' or 'federal' level, nor was it coordinated from a central tower of power with biased political objectives and agendas aimed at slandering authority and political figures. That is foreign taint from a bygone era whose reckoning day has clearly come. They just don't seem to 'get it' yet.

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    A ridiculous comparison, and that's an understatement.

    First of all, that's WITH covid-19, not FROM covid-19.  There's a big difference there, but you knew that perfectly well.  If we counted everybody who died while infected with a flu virus as a "flu death", the numbers would be similar if not worse.

    Elderly people dying of natural causes is normal.  Individually, it's the best any of us can hope for.  Only a fool allows himself to be convinced that it's a national crisis.  When you're old and unhealthy, something is going to carry you off soon.

    3 million Americans die every single year, and this is normal.  There's nothing special about this "100,000" except for your bizarre obsession with putting them under a microscope and absurdly blaming the president.

    And it's absolutely disgusting to claim that an 80 year old dying from a virus is an equal loss to a 19 year old who just got drafted getting shot in the head.  Shame on you.

    Source(s): 25 million Americans died while Obama was president. That's worse than four holocausts!
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