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What exactly do they mean by "knowledge of food"?

I saw a job online for a waiter at a local restuarant. One of the requirements is "knowledge of food." Knowledge of food in what capacity? Any Average Joe could point to a burger and tell you it's a burger, or to a bowl of spaghetti and tell you it's a bowl of spaghetti. What do they mean?

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    It doesn't mean the ability to differentiate between a burger and a plate of spaghetti. It means having some knowledge of food and cookery.

    So, for example, if a customer asked you the difference between rump steak, t bone steak and fillet steak, or which steak was best to choose if you liked it cooked very well done. You would have the ability to explain the difference, rather than stand there looking gormless and the customer having to ask you to fetch someone a bit more clued up.

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    Kind of fish, spices in spaghetti sauce, what foreign terms mean in realtion to food prep, 

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    I think it would be more like, do you know what a shallot is? What does fennel taste like? If I’m looking for a leaner steak should I order the ribeye or the Filet Mignon? What does it mean that my meat is braised? Especially if it’s a higher end restaurant, diners are going to have questions, and you need to have enough food knowledge to be able to describe and explain dishes and answer questions diners have. 

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    Probably specific knowledge of their perhaps high end food.

    spaghetti bolognese sounds better than plain bowl of spaghetti when someone is spending $15-20 on an entree.

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