Did I screw up my rifles?


I have an M39 mosin nagant and a m48 mausers. I shoot surplus ammo through them every time I shoot them. I clean them immediately after I shoot them usually within the day. Last time I cleaned them I even used Loctite rust neutralizer. And yet today I found the barrles rusted. I cleaned them again until I couldn’t see any rust and then sprayed more rust neutralizer in the barrels. I can still see the rifling in them but it bothers me that rust was allowed to build up in them. How can I fix this?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You may be actually seeing either copper left by the bullet jackets or a darkening of the bore from original use.  

    You are absolutely wasting your time with Loctite  rust neutralizer.  It is basically a latex product designed to seal (not undo) a rusted surface so that you can paint over it.  And unless you it was the last thing you used in cleaning, it will be stripped off anyway.  The potential for rusting occurs because the primer has a salt that will deposit in the bore that attracts moisture.  The goal of cleaning after shooting is to wash out those salts. Any standard bore cleaner should work for this purpose, but I use M-Pro 7. 

    Your best bet for preventing any future rust is to put a healthy coat of gun oil on the bore (I use Slip 2000 EWL).  Just remember to run a patch through it before you shoot the next time to be sure excess oil is removed.

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