Is my story worth continuing? (I’m 13 years old and it’s my first story. Here’s a little section of it:)?

The moonlight glinted off of the girl’s sheathed daggers as her cloak swirled around her, concealing her biggest secret which was now folded across her back. Her pack was slung across her shoulder and only contained the essentials - water, food, lots of money and clothes. Her black pants and matching vest were picked to make blending into the dark night easier, as were her knee-high boots. Her cloak’s hood hid her hair, and the girl kept her head angled down to conceal her features.

She had just finished a lengthy conversation with her trainer, Fawk. She had said the usual: Be careful, and don’t let anyone see you or your uncloaked back. The conversation had been one that they had shared many times before, but this one had been somber. Wistful, even. Which was understandable, considering the fact that that was the last time they would ever speak to each other. 

“Focus,” the girl told herself. There was no use mulling over their conversation. It would only make things worse by reminding her of what she’d left by leaving on this journey. 

The street on which the girl was walking on was entirely deserted. There were no signs of life - not even a potted plant hanging from a balcony. The windows were dark and the wind was strangely calm. It almost seemed as if Mother Nature herself had given up on this place. 

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    Yes! keep going! You're doing a great job for your first story! I would write it all out, get your ideas down on paper, then don't look at it for a couple weeks, so you can come back to it with fresh eyes for editing. :)

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