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What does "Panromantic grey asexual" mean?

What do they do with their partners? No sex ?

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    Panromantic: can fall romantically in love with people completely regardless of their sex, or gender identity.

    Grey asexual: on the asexual spectrum, but not 100% asexual in EVERY way. May feel less sexual attraction than most people, or only feel it very rarely, or only feel it in atypical ways, or... WHATEVER. Just basically, it means, you are not normally sexual, but you are also not 100% asexual.

    As for how that manifests, from person to person..? That varies a lot! Some asexual people still have sex, because their partners want it, and they are fine with compromising. While some don't, and are NOT fine with compromising. And if you are also slightly grey..? Then what you want to do with them also varies even MORE, as based on what that means to you.

    As for with my partner..? I'm not going to share that with a bunch of strangers on the internet. But suffice to say..? I love affection. I love TOUCH. I love being close. I love hugs, and cuddles, and kisses. That's all I feel comfortable saying. Anything else I feel..? Is really none of your business.

    Source(s): Probably the person you picked up that term from. I don't think there are many other people on here who openly identify in the same way.
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    I think these "hastags" are getting out of control.

  • It means that whoever calls themselves that wants to be seen as special, but they don't want to explain why they're special (which is why it's "rude" for you to ask them what that means).

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