Are big chains like Home Depot and Walmart better about hiring people with disabilities than smaller places? I hear some small places are ?

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    any employer with 15 or more employees is not exempt.  I have never heard of regular employers paying subminimum wage.  That is done by employment programs for the disabled.  It might happen if you are working through such a program with a job coach in a typical store that mostly hires people without disabilities and are unable to do the essential functions of the job.

    eliminating sub minimum wage will be ELIMINATING JOBS for people with low productivity who need supervision to do simple tasks slowly.  There are in fact disability advocates AGAINST stopping it as their children will not have the same opportunities for work they have now.  Some will have to stop working or reduce hours to avoid having SSI affected.

    for example, with a $15 minimum wage, at an average 20 hours per week, the worker will be over SGA and risk losing SSI/SSDI dependent benefits.  They would likely have to work 1 less day per week (for programs that have 5-6 hour work days for 'full time' employees).  progams will shut down or reduce positions, especially for the less productive employees.

    I knew a man with intellectual disability who could work a typical job for typical pay.  I asked him why he didn't...he said he liked where he was.  He could read and write, and understood money......was perfectly capable of living independently just meeting with support staff no more than 1x/week for household management.

    a better solution is to raise sub minimum wage and have a minimum for that...right now some pay get a dime an hour while others get $5/hour.  maybe a minimum wage for workshops for the disabled (ie 25% of the standard minimum wage) and a minimum wage for people working with a job coach in typical employment (ie 50% wage until they can work independently, and then standard minimum wage)

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    Big places have applied for permission to pay you subminimum wage (average $2.15  an hour). (   They get tax credits and accolades for hiring people for next to nothing. It hasn't passed the Senate and Trump is unlikely to sign it.  So year, big businesses hire people with disabilities.

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    yes, small businesses have not enough places to put people with disabilities as a big chain store.

  • Murzy
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    5 months ago

    Big companies have more positions suitable for the disabled.

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