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How can I control my anger? Help please ?

Hi. I’m 21, and find my anger unmanageable. I’m angry about my spring break trip being cancelled. I feel violently mad about not being able to have sex with my bf bc seeing him is impossible rn. I’m furious about not being able to do my internship in-person.

I’m also socially isolated form all friends, and have to deal with my parents, both make me miserable. My mom fakes illnesses, has erratic mood swings (calls me a dumbass for asking to buy paint, screaming, for no reason), then love bombs me. My dad is ridiculously racist, obnoxious, and cheats compulsively. She and my dad both make weird comments about how “mean” I am and make weird comments that are aimed to literally make me feel bad for existing. Once I took my phone out of its case, and my mom screamed told me I should go to a mental hospital. She gets anxious if I pee at department stores by myself.

Once my mom confiscated my phone and made fun of how many guys were texting me and how much of a whore I was. I also got raped when I was 14 and she used it as leverage to not Let me do things bc I Was "irresponsible." On another note I’m also angry that happened and legitimately want him dead. I fantasize about killing him in different ways. The only reason he isn’t dead is bc I don’t want to go to jail, and I’m not confident I could get away with killing him. I was ignored by the cops who I reported this too. 


I was also molested as a kid and never told my family for obvious reasons. When I needed glasses as a kid my mom thought I was joking and made up a huge, family-joke about how i made up needing glasses. My family is insanely negative and crap on every friend I have.

I have no emotional control at all. A girl in my sorority made me mad so I peed in a bottle and sprayed it all over her bed sheets. 

Update 2:

I recently got an A- in a class and had a screaming, crying fit. If I miss a few points for a class I scream about wanting my professor dead. I drink or do drugs to numb my feelings, to a lesser extent now but I’ve been close to overdosing at least twice. What’s also infuriating is it seems people actually think my parents are good parents. 

Update 3:

My neighbor suggested they write a parenting book on me, because I’m really successful on paper, great school, great resume, but again I self destruct 24/7, will have sex with any dude that gives me a small amount of attention (not now be bf), and have screaming fits of rage 

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    There is only one way to get rid of ones terrible temper! And this is to make Up Your Mind to get Yourself Under Control! 

    I was in my early teens when I realized this!  It took two years to get it all gone!  I have only been in one argument in resent decades!  Are You wiling to Work at controlling yourself?  To Have You control Yourself?  

    Has Human Services ever been told all you have told us here? Maybe you should let them know?

    Pray to GOD and ask God for help and strength!  Those of us that Do Believe in God All have real LOVE in our lives! Much happier lives. (Murders have been tried three times on me...!)  How about learning karate?  

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    I pity your future patients/victims..

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