Why can people realize that getting rid of confederate statues and flags is a good strategic move?

Aside from being in the morally correct side of history

Jared Fogel had a successful business campaign but his individual transgressions made it toxic for that brand to keep him as a spokes person.

Bill cosby had a successful show but the individual transgressions of the man made association with him toxic for any network.

Despite some networks struggling financially they know in this day and age having ads for the KKK and NAMBLA would be a PR suicide

If a person of color is trying to decide between 2 cities to vacation/start a business/ by a home and all factors are equal but one city has confederate flags and confederate statues in government buildings and the other does not isn’t obvious which city the person would choose

If NASCAR or other business wanted to invest in a business internationally do you not realize it would be a turn off for potential fans/customers if the confederate flag with it’s racist history is displayed.

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  • 3 months ago
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    Simply put they are short sighted and they are racist

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