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Is it time for my black siblings to come home?

The murder of Floyd is the perfect example of how people of African descent are getting mistreated in Europe, USA, and China. In fact, the f---ing West have been ripping off Africa and mistreating blacks since the beginning of history and created an AFRICAN DIASPORA.

-1st century to 10th century: Europe and Asia exploited gold, ivory, salt, and slaves from Africa and imposed Islam and Christianity on the continent.

-15th century to 19th century: Exploration and colonization. Triangular SLAVE trade. Unsustainable use of African farmland and resources.

-20th century: Africans are forced to fight in WWI and WWII even though its a conflict between Europeans.

-21st century: neo-colonialism, debt-trap diplomacy, high-interest loans from IMF and world bank, supporting corruption.

It's time for Africans to come home and unite. It's time to use African resources to benefit AFRICA. It's time to promote sustainable economic development. Africa CARRIED the West, it's time for the West to pay for the resources the STOLE from Africa.


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    Not a bad idea but where would they go? You are talking about  roughly 40 million people who have a completely different culture, history and language than most of Africa, with the possible exception of Liberia. And with the exception of Liberia previous attempts to repatriate sizeable groups African Americans to Africa have been total failures.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Anonymous where do you get such Hatred and lies from

    I have WHITE friends in South Africa and they believe they are South Africans the school they taught in had 2000 students and 4 white children

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    those leftist run shtholes in africa have govt run military hit squads that go around raping and pillaging ... you think thats paradise huh .. you have no idea what you got in this country ..

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