How do I become a linguist in the army and still get in the Army Rangers/special forces? ?

I already speak 3 languages English, Spanish,and Italian, and learning french and Russian basically I love learning languages

I heard there's a test (DLAB) but I don't know what to expect and I can't find any examples or pre tests online so if anyone has been there done that please I need your help 

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  • Mark B
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    9 months ago
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    Spanish and Italian are irrelevant.  You will not be paid for those unless you are already in a language position and use those as 2nd or 3rd foreign languages.

    There are 2 different tests to worry about.

    DLAB - Defense Language Aptitude Battery.  It is a test designed to measure you ability to learn a foreign language. IT DOES NOT MEASURE PROFICIENCY.  It is written and audio.  A lot of the test is listening to speech patterns to understand the structure and the accent.  Ex:  You will hear a sentence in a made up language.  Then, you hear 4 other sentences.  You select the 1 that has the same word order emphasis as the first.  Having a background in romance languages is minimally helpful.  Pairing it with Russian will be a bit of a benefit.  That is more due to the structure of Russian and declension of nouns.

    DLPT - Defense Language Proficiency Test.  This test measures proficiency.  The Army does NOT care and will NOT measure your speaking ability.  The only thing that matters is your listening and reading comprehension.  The DLPT measures your  skill on a 0-4 scale.  Some native speakers won't get a 4.  You must take the DLPT every year in order to check your proficiency in order to receive pay.

    In order to receive FLPP - Foreign Language Proficiency Pay, you must be in a position authorized the pay and you must be proficient in 1 or more languages.  The more languages and the higher the proficiency the more pay you can get up to a certain maximum.  Many languages do NOT qualify for pay.

    To be a linguist:

    You enlist as a 35P.  You will have to meet all the recruiting requirements.  You will take the DLAB.  You must get a score high enough to qualify for 35P.  If you want to be in Army Rangers, you enlist with an Option 40 contract which will send you to -- Basic, AIT, Defense Language Institute, Airborne, RASP.

    If you want to be Special Forces, you enlist with an Option 18X contract you will go Infantry OSUT, Airborne, SF Selection.  During the SF training, you will get SOME language training.  You will NOT be a "linguist".

    If you want to be a linguist with Special Forces, you enlist as a 35P with Option 4 contract.  You go to Basic, AIT, Defense Language Institute, Airborne, your first unit.  At your first unit, you go to an SF recruiter on base and try to get in as a 35P.

    You do NOT get to pick your language.  Based on your DLAB score, the unit you are assigned, and the needs of the Army, you will be assigned to a language.  If you fail to gain enough proficiency, you MAY be given an easier language.  If you fail that, you are out

    Source(s): Have served in positions with FLPP authorized. Have worked with a Soldier that was 4/4 Arabic, 3/3 Korean, and 3/2 Italian for languages. He was also Ranger and SF qualified. He worked with SF units in Iraq.
  • AJ
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    9 months ago

    As others have said, speaking a language is immaterial. It is about listening and reading a made up language for the DLAB. In order to do well, you have to be able to identify the various components of a sentence. It is all about declensions and conjugations and being able to fill in the gaps based on what is given you. It is an extremely difficult test. It makes the SAT test look easy.

    I did extremely well on the test but then I had 4 full years of Latin and 2 years of German in High School where we did a lot of translations. For Latin, I did Caesar, Cicero and Virgil, that was after 2 years of nothing but learning about the structure of the language.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Well, as in your other question have informed us you're an illegal and overweight.

    Plus I guess you don't speak anything other than one language badly.

    You stand a knat's chance of being a girl scout let alone in the special forces

  • ?
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    9 months ago

    None of the languages you already speak is in demand except for English needed for enlistment and training. The DLAB is like no test or exam that you've ever taken and can't even be described.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    You don't become a "linguist΅ in the army.  You might become a *translator* or *interpreter*.

    For more details, you may want to post your question in society&culture-->languages

  • 9 months ago

    If you have to ask, you don't qualify to APPLY to Ranger school.

  • Mrsjvb
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    9 months ago

    Your kNowing other languages means nothing.  Your line scores determine whether you can take DLAB, which can’t be studied for..

    You might get assigned to a Ranger or SF unit as a linguist.  You would be in a supporting role only.  No kicking in doors

  • 9 months ago

    there is literally no way to describe the DLAB test, its not a written test, you listen to sounds and then they ask you to compare the sounds. IE: you listen to 4 sounds and then they ask you which two were the closest to each other

    2. there are no linguist in the military-- there are crypto linguist that deal with intercepted enemy communications

    3.  a crypto linguist is a mos available in the Ranger regiment, but the Rangers are still a regiment, so your not gonna be a door kicker, your gonna be a clerk assigned to the regiment

  • 9 months ago

    What a great question 

    I have no idea. But good for you. I hope you succeed 

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