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Why do some obese people have less health problems than others?

Like i know so many different people some of whom have lots of health issues that they blame on their weight and then some others that have seemingly no problems? Like it makes no sense to me. Like I have a friend that’s constantly talking about how his knees and feet and back hurt all the time after he works and cites his weight as the reason but then another person Ik that has probably the same weight, is considerably older, has a harder job and is healthier than even some of the skinnier people I know. Like how does this work? If weight doesn’t define a persons physical condition than what does?

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    Genetics plays a factor in the issues too.

    Genetics can determine how quickly your body will degenerate too.  So it isn't just about the extra pounds someone might have - it is also about their overall genetic factors and how quickly things begin to naturally decline.

    Even looking at two skinny people in a certain age range - you might discover one that is already having major issues with arthritis but the other person has no issues at all.

    In some cases - your body can adjust to what you do.  The person working the harder job may have done that job for years - they are so used to doing it that it hasn't started bothering them yet.  The other person may have changed jobs and the work is something they are not adjusted to doing - this can make things hurt that don't usually hurt.

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    Genetics.  Simple as that.

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    One thing that may effect us is If we do believe in God or not? If we do believe in obeying God or not! 

    There is even the kosher diet in the Bible and at the end of it, the Bible states: If we stick to this diet we are not likely to ever get sick. It includes to keep all fats out of ourselves. Not to use any oils, other than olive oil! That oils can cause Arthritis!  Not to eat foods that come from the bottoms of a river or ocean. In other words too dirty!... 

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