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Is 20/20 vision a requirement to play professional golf?

I mean who can see a white ball that has a diameter of  1.680 in (42.67 mm) at 300 yards away?

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    not really.  Golfers are not required to see the golf ball from 300 yards....   USually you mark your ball with your initial, like TJ or RBK.    When you hit your driver off the tee, you just watch where it goes from the first 100 yards and then you remember the spot where it goes.   You approach the ball and find your ball from 10 yards away.   Your caddy can help you doing this.  

    Even if you have a 20/20 vision, there is no way you can see the ball even from 200 yards away.   The ball is tiny, smaller than a human head.   Even a military trained sniper cannot see it using their scope from 200 yards away....   

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    You only need to see it when you're swinging at it. As a pro, you have your caddy and your playing partners and their caddies, and on tournament days, thousands of spectators and even TV cameras.

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    Having a reasonably good eyesight while playing Golf is a requirement for the player himself. I don't think at this moment that this is an official requirement when playing in PGA Tours and LPGA Tours. I can not imagine somebody playing Golf and always asking his friends where did his ball landed after hitting a shot.   

  • 2 months ago

    No, that isn't a requirement.

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  • There is no vision requirement to play on the PGA/European/LPGA/Korn Ferry Tours. 

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