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Can I get help with these weather questions?

Why don't hurricaines occur all year long?

 winds are not strong enough in the winter

 in the winter, there is not sufficient shear in the atmosphere

 convection does not occur in the winter

 the water temperatures are not warm enough to foster the growth of the storms

2) The range between the daily maximum temperature and the daily minimum temperature is usually greater if the air is:

 very dry

 very humid

 neither dry nor humid


3) Very powerful cyclonic storms that form over warm tropical waters are called




 all of the above



4) Which cloud often has an anvil-shaped top?






5) The region in the U.S. with the greatest annual frequency of hail is:



 Pacific Northwest

 western Great Plains


6) The Coriolis force is strongest when the wind speed is ___________ and the latitude is ___________.






Update 2:

7) On approximately what date is Earth farthest from the Sun?

 January 3

 March 3

 July 3

 September 3


8) What is the driving force of weather on earth?



 air pressure



9) A lunar halo is caused by the moon shining through what type of clouds?






Update 3:

10) What is a radiosonde?

 a thermomat gives readings in Fahrenheit and Centigrade simultaneously

 a box filled with instruments that takes measurements from the air

 an instrument that is attached to ocean buoys that records sea surface temperatures

 a parachute

f it's 20 degrering the air pressure is high, what type of weather conditions are likely to leave you reacdoona at night?

 a) Cloudy

 b) Rainy

 c) Clear conditions

 d) None of the above 2. Orographic rain occurs when:


Update 4:

a) Air is cooled by a cold front

 b) Air is pushed up because of a barrier of mountains or hills.

 c) Warm ocean air reaches the continent

 d) La Nina conditions are in place over the south Pacific. 3. Which of the following is generally true for a cold front in Australia?


Update 5:

a) A cold front occurs when a body of cold dense air moving towards and beneath a body of warm air, forcing it upwards.

 b) It brings a cool change

 c) It's accompanied by south-westerly winds

 d) All of the above 4. Does lightning…

 a) Travel from the ground to the cloud

 b) Travel from the cloud to the ground

 c) Travel between clouds

 d) All of the above 5. The lines on a weather map or synoptic chart are called isobars. What do they join?


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    Da answers is Neapolitan ice cream!

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    Noctilucent clouds are cool

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    hurricanes ONLY happen when there are two masses of air at VERY different temps, so that limits their occurrence ........

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