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Were the British wrong when they took down Jimmy Savile statues and renamed places with his name?

Ditto Garry Glitter!


But that's rewriting history! So do you agree that it's OK to take down racists' statues!

Update 2:


Update 3:

Statue of Garry Glitter used to be in London.

Update 4:

Sir Caustic has been imbibing the soda again!

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    "Ohhhhhh yeah-eh-ehhh!"                     

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    5 months ago

    Jimmy Savile statue destroyed!

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    5 months ago

    You dopey git, there were no such statues. You must be the second most gullible idiot on Y!A. See Mummy was right you are not the best at anything.


    That is a pisspoor photoshop not a statue

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