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If I'm Illegal.............?

I live in the U.S. I like it here but I am ready to return to my country. I have a legal work permit so I am able to work here legally. I am debating whether to fly back or just drive back in. What sort of paperwork do I need to go across? I am just returning back to Mexico. I don't have a passport or anything.

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    Sounds like you just have DACA. But anyway, you'll need to contact a Mexican Consulate in the US to order your Mexican passport. You won't be allowed to enter Mexico as a Mexican citizen without that. Then once your MX passport arrives you can just cross the border through the standard mechanics and proceed with your life in Mexico. ¡Ten un buen viaje!

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    You need to obtain a passport from your country of citizenship or travel documents in order to return to Mexico. See the website for the Mexican consulate nearest you to check their requirements for proving your Mexican citizenship & obtaining the Mexican passport (or travel document) so that you can return home. With your Mexican passport (or travel docs) you can fly or drive - that's irrelevant.

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