Autism spectrum question about stimming?!?!?

I have been diagnosed with autism at age 3 and had speech delays. I took speech therapy to help me talk because I kept on saying one word over and over, therapy helped me talk better. I noticed when I was younger I would listen to music and rock myself back and forth like I’m cradling myself and sing. No I’m not trying to act like a child and I can’t help or stop doing it. If I do I’d get upset. So would you say I am stimming or I still have autism? I’m an adult now and still do it to this day. Only professionals can answer this or expert of autism. Thank you!!!

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    5 months ago
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    Kayla, "stimming" is another way of saying that you are self soothing. In your case it's by listening to music and rocking your body.... and yes, both of those are classic signs of Autism. You haven't outgrown your disability, because it's permanent.

    I'm mildly Autistic myself, and I have self soothing behaviors too, so I know. As long as you learn to control yourself and not to stim or self soothe in public, you'll be fine.

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