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Bicycle question ?

What kind of bicycle hitch bike rack would be good for a 26” Nel Russo Cruiser Bicycle? 

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  • 4 months ago

    First one would need to know what vehicle you're driving, which you didn't supply.  Just about any bicycle will fit on a hitch rack.  What's more important is what car, truck, van or SUV you plan on installing the rack.  Make sense now? 🤔 

  • 4 months ago

    In order to answer with any authority one would need to know what car, minivan, pick-up truck or SUV you own! 🙄  You can narrow it down on the Thule website.

    Got an REI store close by?  They also carry a wide variety.

    Tried your LBS (local bike shop)?  And no, I don't mean Wally World or Target.  I mean a REAL bicycle shop.  Finding one (or more) is easy.  Type into Google the words "bicycle shop" along with your 5 digit zip code.  Example: bicycle shop 63304  Google even supplies a map.  Amazing!  

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