Asperger's and workplace?

I’ve been quite worried lately because I’ve never been able to find paid work, I have been offered interviews but then none of them get back to me, and I have done some voluntary work but that didn’t work out because of a problem with the girls I was working with. I do have some future goals, as I rode riding school horses every week and want to build myself up to maybe getting a voluntary job there one day, and then maybe getting qualifications to have paid work there one day too. That’s been a goal of mine for a while now, and once lockdown has cleared up a bit I’m hoping to maybe either find some voluntary work in a charity shop, or find some paid work in a small shop where it doesn’t get too busy, and go back to working towards some of my goals. However if some places are too busy then I think maybe I don’t think I’d be able to cope (I would still try them first of course though) and I still do struggle with change, and eye contact, and socialising with some people, so I don’t know what impact a busy environment would do for me, but if it turns out that I can’t cope at least I can say that I’ve tried right? But I feel really useless sometimes because I’m 27 and I do have aspie friends who are well ahead of me in life, like some went to university, got degrees, and now work full time, and I feel awful compared to them because I can’t be like that Because of the issues that I have, and the possibility in future of me finding some jobs too tough to cope with.

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  • 3 months ago
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    I have Asperger's, and all the jobs I've had have been part time. I've volunteered in a charity shop and was grateful for the opportunity. Go ahead and apply for what you're interested in. Don't compare yourself to other people but remember that there will be a job available once things get back to normal. I believe in God, and He has a plan for your working life.

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    3 months ago

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