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Does Anyone Know the Name of this Horror Movie?

There's a horror movie that I saw with my dad circa 2002 (he picked it up from the local Blockbuster), but I can't remember its name. In the film, a family--mother, older son, and two young children--moves into a house, and there's a tree house (maybe a play house? I can't remember) in the backyard. There was a father who lived there with his kids and brother previously, and, if I remember correctly, I believe his brother sacrificed/murdered his children.

Anyway, the kids in the new family spend a lot of time in the tree/play house, while the brother plays tennis with a girl who lives nearby (I can't remember what the mother does). The kids get injured when they spend time in that tree/play house, but they don't tell their mother why. The father of the previous family also makes an appearance, but he dies from something in a sewer. 

I also remember that the film concludes with the brother and the girl he plays tennis with rescuing his younger siblings from a demon that possesses that tree house/play house.  That's all I can remember. If anyone knows this film/if anyone has an idea of what it might be, please let me know! I've been searching for it forever.Thank you!

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    Inhabited with Eric Lutes. A family dismisses their daughter's claims of "fairies" living in the playhouse in their new home's backyard, until they learn that another girl described the same beings in their home, years earlier. 

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      I actually discovered that it's called Cubby House (Hellion: The Devil's Playground).  Thank you for your answer, though (I'll check that film out, too)!  I'll still award you the favorite answer :D

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