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I found out my crush has a girlfriend.. I feel heartbroken.?

It’s crazy how wrong you can be about a person. I was friends with this guy I met at a church convention a long time ago, I’ve never talked to him like face to face, just a handshake. But I found him on Facebook one day, I added him and sent him a message and that’s where the friendship began. I developed a huge crush on him but I never confessed my feelings, still though I thought he knew because I made it kind of obvious and I thought he was interested in me too so I was just waiting for him to say something  because he was so nice to me and funny and I asked him if he was in a relationship and he said no. 2 weeks later I received a request on Instagram from his girlfriend. She has his name on her bio and the date they started dating. She never messaged me or anything but I couldn’t believe it. She has pictures with him together they’ve been dating for a few months now. I was so upset I screen shot her page and I sent it to him saying “really?? I thought you were single” and he said “oh my bad” and I told him I wasn’t going to talk to him anymore because I didn’t want to cause any problems between him and his girlfriend. He just replied “ok” and that was pretty much it and UGH!! I’m so heartbroken! Like I can’t even concentrate no more it ruined everything. I guess he didn’t like me .. and well I’m jealous but I don’t hate her. It’s not her fault he’s a liar

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    I feel dumber after reading this.

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